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- What is Tai Chi?
- Tai Chi Workshop
- Group lessons
- Private lessons
- Personal coaching and counseling

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is a martial art that has become populair because of its value as a health exercise. One of the secrets of this martial art is the use of the elasticity of relaxed muscles. It is called the internal energy. The opponent rebounds on the strength of his own force. Although this is very difficult to learn, we do speak of an art, the exercises help you to learn feeling home in your own body, and also to feel relaxed in all kind of situations.

Tai chi workshop

Workshops Tai Chi by Ad Lakerveld are very well suited to teams, organisations and groups. You will become familiar with the basic principles of Tai Chi, which are centralising the body, balance, and relaxation. Furthermore you can experience some remarkable aspects of Tai Chi, i.e. the wonder that you be able to be stable and relaxed under pressure. And if there is enough time, you will learn small form.
From 2 till 200 people and from 20 minutes to 2 hours, you get the programm that is fitting to your goal and your budget.

Group lessons

The regular group lessons in Amsterdam are in Dutch spoken, but private lessons can be in English spoken. I teach Yang style Tai Chi in the form of Cheng Man Ching and a small form called the Five Elements. The goal is to become familiar with certain basic principles in energy handling which goes beyond just learning a form. If you already practice another form of martial art, this will be a bonus.

Private lessons

Private lessons are given either at my home in Amsterdam or at the location of your choice.

Price of the private lessons at my home:
1 person € 40, - one hour
2 persons € 25, - p.p. one hour

Personal Coach/Counseling

With Tai-Chi and counseling I will help you to deal with your personal problems. The root of the solution is looking it in the eyes. And we find the way out.

Ad Lakerveld
Quinten Massijsstraat 22,
1077 MD Amsterdam.

Near the cross Beethovenstraat-Stadionweg, the Cliostraat is a side street of the Beethovenstraat. The house is the ground-floor house with the green at the corner of the Cliostraat and the Quinten Massijsstraat . It is a 12 minute walk away from train/metro station Amsterdam Zuid. You can also use Tram 24, tram 5 or bus 26.

Phone: 020 - 673 44 91
E-mail: ad@lakerveld.org